Until further notice, the library will not be accepting any donations of items (books, VHS, etc.).

The Giving Tree!

Your Eudora library says that you should act as if what you do makes a difference, because . . . it does!
The library is “planting” a Giving Tree.

You may notice that a tree has grown on one of the interior walls of the library. This tree is known as “The Giving Tree”, inspired by a book by the same name, written by Shel Silverstein fifty years ago. This library tree is bare. It has no leaves, so it needs to be adorned. For a dollar (or whatever amount you might want to give), you may put your name on a leaf and hang the leaf on the tree. The goal is to arrange at least three-hundred (300) leaves on The Giving Tree.

Books are expensive! Libraries always look for ways to expand their book budgets, so here is one way you can help your own library. The money collected by The Giving Tree will be added to the book budget so that your library can offer you more and more new books to read – especially on the cold winter days that will be coming soon, when you are snowed in and want to be taken to “places unknown”.

Please stop in and “make a difference”. The library will appreciate it. Patrons will appreciate it. And you, yourself, will appreciate it! Just wait and see.


Librarian of the Month: September



Name: Rayna Hickman

Department/Title: Circulation

Book you’ve always meant to read but haven’t: I’ve read all I wanted unless I forgot!

Book you’ve read too many times to count: A Little Princess, Tom Sawyer, The Bible

Favorite genre: Mystery

Do you currently have any overdue items or fines? Probably

Your favorite book from childhood? A Little Princess

What superpower would you like to have? To be invisible

What is your favorite place to eat/shop/hang out? Riding in the country.

Interesting bonus fact(s) (special skill? volunteer experience? Etc: I taught Sunday School for 25 years.




The Eudora Public Library is going to the dogs!
The library now offers and exciting new initiative called, Mutt-i-grees.

The Eudora Public Library’s new Mutt-i-grees program aims to enhance children’s social awareness, empathy, and relationship skills, which will ultimately benefit people, animals and the environment.

What are Mutt-i-grees? Mutt-i-grees are shelter pets: dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are waiting to find loving homes. Through the Mutt-i-grees project at the library, children can learn that, like people, Mutt-i-grees possess special and unique qualities. Mutt-i-grees in the Library (an offshoot of the Cesar Millan Foundation’s curriculum) provides librarians with plans, strategies, and materials to actively engage children by using activities, crafts, and books about dogs and other pet animals.

At the library, children can check out the Mutt-i-grees puppet kit that contains a puppy puppet, two books specially-chosen for this program, National Geographic “unusual facts” cards, set of ideas for family fun, book marks to decorate, and more. The library received a grant that enabled the purchase of thirty brand new books that deal with shelter pets and special animals like “helper” dogs.

Families will enjoy working together on supporting children’s social-emotional learning by:
• Discussing with your children about shelter and special pets
• Visiting a local animal shelter with your children
• Checking out books about Mutt-i-grees
• Visiting the Mutt-i-grees website:
• Watching for announcements about future library Mutt-i-grees programming


Children’s Room Facebook Page

Parents! Our children’s area now has it’s own facebook page! Jump on over to THE CHILDREN’S ROOM and like our children’s room page! You’ll get all kinds of updates on children’s programming and will have front row access to our children’s librarian!